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WOWZPlayer (Go Coder SDK for iOS) has memory leak.

Hi, Wowza Dev team

I found WOWZPlayer leaks about 3KB of memory every time play() method is called.

(gocoder-sdk-samples-ios > PlayerSampleApp.swift > ViewController.swift > l.111), callback: self)

It occurs in latest GoCoder SDK for iOS v1.5.1.949 & gocoder-sdk-samples-ios.

I think this might be a library’s issue. How do you about this?

Hello @Toshitaka Nakagawa, thank you for this, I have passed it along to tech support for them to test. I will update you soon.

@Rose Power @Toshitaka Nakagawa We are having a similar issue, were you able to fix it or find the root cause? Please let us know.

@Toshitaka Nakagawa

have you got solution for this memory leakage issue in ios ?

@Chikkulal Chithambaran @Sarath Kumar S Unfortunately I haven’t…

@Rose Power Please let me know if there is any update.

Hello @Toshitaka Nakagawa @Chikkulal Chithambaran .We are not seeing any memory leak issues on our end, so it would help us if we could have an example to look at. Our test remained stable.

Could I ask one of you or both to please submit a support ticket so we may run some tests? That would be much appreciated and we can try and find the cause. Thanks.