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WSE - 2x inputs (failover) to same output target (with transcoding or not)


Is it possible to have stream failover input with one WSE engine ?

INPUT 1 > transcoder > output 1 (rtmp)
INPUT 2 > transcoder > …

In case INPUT 1 fails, WSE takes automatically the INPUT 2 in the workflow and the stream target never interrupts.

Any chance this can be done by WSE ?

Re:STREAM is doing exactly that. but we wonder to do it inside wse.


Thanks for posting in the forums.

Solution A.

Our suggestion for a redundant workflow would be to set up an origin-edge architecture, where the edge server/application(s) will be able to fetch from multiple origins (primary and backup):

We recommend creating 2 live applications and 1 edge application, have the edge setup with primary and back origin applications and request playback fo the stream from the edge application.

Solution B (Although A is best route)

You can also create a smil file that will reference an absolute url for primary and backup streams. Here’s an example SMIL file:

Thanks @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager, my question is about 2x live streams incoming, and i see the smil is for file inputs. Do you have same example smil file for rtmp incoming streams ?

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