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WSE - 2x inputs (failover) to same output target (with transcoding or not)


Is it possible to have stream failover input with one WSE engine ?

INPUT 1 > transcoder > output 1 (rtmp)
INPUT 2 > transcoder > …

In case INPUT 1 fails, WSE takes automatically the INPUT 2 in the workflow and the stream target never interrupts.

Any chance this can be done by WSE ?

Re:STREAM is doing exactly that. but we wonder to do it inside wse.


Thanks for posting in the forums.

Solution A.

Our suggestion for a redundant workflow would be to set up an origin-edge architecture, where the edge server/application(s) will be able to fetch from multiple origins (primary and backup):

We recommend creating 2 live applications and 1 edge application, have the edge setup with primary and back origin applications and request playback fo the stream from the edge application.

Solution B (Although A is best route)

You can also create a smil file that will reference an absolute url for primary and backup streams. Here’s an example SMIL file:

Thanks @Rose Power-Wowza Community Manager, my question is about 2x live streams incoming, and i see the smil is for file inputs. Do you have same example smil file for rtmp incoming streams ?

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i am interested in solution b. Unfortunately, the SMIL is missing. Can you please (re)post it?


Hello! That is odd it’s gone, Let me look for it and I’ll repost.

Ok so how you would do this with a SMIL file is you would use our Loop Until Live module. That switches the stream from the first .mp4 file in the list to the second .mp4 file when the first one ends or disconnects.

Stream Publisher configuration

This is the doc for it and I have a video tutorial as well for it, but again the idea here is that the stream will automatically switch to the next one in the SMIL file list. So don’t let the “loop until live” name confuse you, there are a few ways to take advantage of this module and some customers never have a live stream connect! They just use it to keep looping an .mp4. It is useful as well for when a stream disconnects since it switches right to the next stream in your smil file. Send a support ticket in if you’d like some help!

Here is the video for you as well on how to set this up with a SMIL file