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WSE 4.x PushPublish using MPEG-TS


I see on MPEG-TS is supported but it doesn’t appear that there is any documentation with respect to actually configuring this on the back end.

Can someone please direct me to some docs on its setup?



Hi, Michael.

This guide will walk you through this, particularly review the “Map Entries” section:

How to use CDNs and services to distribute live streams (push publishing)




In an Origin/Edge configuration it is strictly either RTMP or wowz. The alternative is as suggested above, and that’s to push MPEG-TS between the servers.

But the servers wouldn’t need configuring as an Origin Edge. Just live setups would suffice.


Ok. Thanks for the replies.

I’m curious… can MPEGTS be used as the protocol between WSE’s in an Origin/Edge or tiered environment? I’m not seeing anything specifically related to that particular use case.


Hello Michael,

You should also have a look at the “How to use MPEG-TS to distribute live streams” which contains more detailed explanations on how to push a Wowza incoming live stream to a third party destination (unicast or multicast), using MPEG-TS protocol.