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WSE Manager- Control Panel for Wowza Servers

Hello everyone, I’m new here but my team spent several amount of time developing what I believe to be one of the best control panels for wowza servers.

We already have hotlink protection, transcoder, a video converter (that’s entirely ours),recorder, all wowza applications (TV Station, TV Station with recorder, Shoutcast Relay, OnDemand, Ondemand Record, Camera IP…)

I wish you guys could check it out to and give me some feedback, if any of you gets interested please contact me by my personal e-mail

We have our own website and a youtube channel that has tutorials in english and portuguese. Feel free to suggest anything :slight_smile:

Hello@Vinicius Pancheco i can’t access the web page of the control panel. It’s a wonderful idea and i want to see more

yes i need how i can get pls email me

I believe either that was sold or shut down. Most of the administration can be done with wowza manager and for other functionality see mediaCP.