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WSE to Wowza CDN -- DVR?

I have Streaming Engine pushing my stream to Wowza CDN (using a Stream Target & connection code). Is there a way to enable the nDVR functionality via the CDN? I’ve configured this to work via CloudFront, but wondering if there is a way to do it on the Wowza CDN (Akamai).

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Hello @Joshua Wyatt,

nDVR is not a feature that we have in Wowza Cloud at this time. I will add a +1 to the feature request on your behalf.



Please add +2, we want the feature too.

Please add +3, we want the feature too.


We would also love this feature ASAP please @Alex C!

How are we travelling with this feature @Alex C?

Please add +5, we want the feature too.

Please add +6, we want the feature too.

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+8, Please, many thanks :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I’ll bring up your interest in Cloud DVR with our Product Team to review, as part of their decision making process.

+9 please :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you everyone and I will be sure this feature request is logged.

Currently, the Wowza Cloud CDN does not offer DVR. If you would like to use the nDVR capability on your Wowza Streaming Engine, players would need to connect directly to your server, not through a CDN service. If you are looking to use CDN services, you will need to look into the DVR capabilities for your particular CDN.

CDN services (such as Akamai) typically have a separate DVR configuration setting that you would enable. The stream is pushed via RTMP from your Wowza server to the CDN service, where the HLS/HDS packetization is performed, and where DVR is enabled.