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Thread: Max upload - bitrate, fps and resolution to Wowza

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    Default Max upload - bitrate, fps and resolution to Wowza

    I have used Wowza on many occasion for smaller streaming needs but now I've upgraded to all HD sources. I realize that full HD streaming is not an option but I would like to streaming higher quality than regular SD.

    I am using a Mac mini server (8gb mem, i7 quad core) running Wowza. There should not be any limitations there. Tha max stream that I have been able to upload to the server is 960x544, 600kbps at 30 fps. If I send something higher than that the Wowza server kills the stream and it then re-accepts the stream moments later. I would like to try 1280x720 @ 15 or 30 FPS at 1100-1200 Kbps.

    Why is that? Is that a setting? How can I fix that?

    What is the max upload capabilities for Wowza? How can you find out what that is?

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    You have some problems - probably bandwidth. I've done 2560x1440, 30fps @ 8mbps without issues!

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    Internet connection - change it!!

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    Yes, that's sounds like the logical solution but I don't think that is the problem. The server has 50Mbps upstream and 50Mbps downstream - plenty of bandwidth there. My encoder has a 5Mbps upload bandwidth also. I am only uploading 700kbps - that's the max that I can do or else the stream will randomly freeze. (900x544 / 30fps / 700kbps)

    I did the Wowza Server Tuning by changing the JAVA heap to 4000M from 768M.
    Referenced from -

    That did not help. I am still stuck at an upload of 700kbps.

    What else should I look into?


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    @ joexromero

    How is your server tuned? Did you have to specially configure anything for your system to achieve such high bitrates? Is this served over WAN or LAN?


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    Just standard tuning with this guide Feed coming in over WAN and distributed in a origin-edge config with 4 servers to viewers.

    You have bandwidth or encoder issues. What are you using for encoding? Have you checked that the encoder isn't restarting?

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    @joexromero and wowzek, just wanted to say thanks for helping out.

    @Padre2k, this doesn't seem normal. I would suggest trying to do a bandwidth test between the two networks/computers. For example, an FTP transfer. If you're still limited to 700kbps, then it doesn't appear to be a Wowza issue. If you find your transfer rate is working as expected, I suggest opening a support ticket. See the guidelines here for submitting a support request:

    Please include a link to this thread, and any other relevant information. Thanks.

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