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Thread: Developer license and transcoder

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    Default Developer license and transcoder

    I wanted to try to transcode a stream with a developer license, but that wasn't possible. I published a stream from a flash app, it goes to a server, but it wasn;t transcoded. Stream is not reproduced on a phone. I get a error msg on wowza *** Hit license limit for publishing streams. Publishing stream is stopped. ***
    Is this because i use developer license? This all worked fine when i used wowza trial server (one month)...i don't want to buy transcoder license until i finish my app, and for that time i want to use developer license...
    Thanks for your time...

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    You should be able to transcode one incoming streams into several versions. Ensure that there is just one. What version of Wowza are you using?


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    I use Wowza Media Server 3.1.0 build1410.When i send only h264 video i can see it on phone, but when i also send a sound with a video it show's a previous msg... Any suggestion?

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    There was an issue with that build. An update to a later build will fix the developer license Transcoder issue. The latest build is 3.1.1 and there is a patch to upgrade you to this version,


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    Thanks Lisa...this solved my problem...

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