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Thread: Implementing LIVE Multi-Language with Wowza

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    Default Implementing LIVE Multi-Language with Wowza

    i would like to broadcast a single event with two languages. Now I was hoping to broadcast:

    1) one video with one language audio (wirecast)
    2) another broadcast which is just the second language as audio (another wirecast or fmle session on a different computer)

    Can I use the transcoder add on to deliver the video of #1 with the audio stream of #2 and deliver that as a separate .sdp endpoint for a player?

    Again, this is for live and I don't know of any encoder that supports broadcasting with multi channel live audio .. so I really only know of the option of encoding and sending a seperate audio stream.

    Or Are there any other ideas or ways I can accomplish this?
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    I don't think there is a way to make this work in Wowza the way you describe.

    This can be done with mpeg-ts encoder, and handled in Wowza like this:


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    we're using wirecast as the encoder so... I don't think this applies, right? I'm guessing you are talking about a VLC encoder?

    We like the features of wirecast when it comes to compositing the output... is there anything we can do that would allow us to use wirecast to manage the video and still have multi languages outside of actually having separate computers with separate cameras sending a separate live stream for each language?

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    Have there been any developments on this? We are using Wirecast as well and there still doesn't appear to be a way to stream with multi-language support after ~3 years.

    Is there a workaround now that Wirecast can align keyframes? As an example, could I stream a video + non-language specific audio, then create a new Wirecast instance to stream each language, and somehow sync that up with Wowza? Even typing that out I can tell it won't really work because Wirecast will treat them as independent streams and so would Wowza, but I'm grasping at straws here Any ideas?

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