How to select MPEG-TS stream by program ID and also audio language by PID

Note: This article is for an older Wowza™ product or technology that either has been updated or is no longer supported. For the current version of this article, see How to specify per-stream settings in .stream files.
Note: Wowza Media Server™ 3.0.0 or later is required.

An MPEG-TS stream can include multiple audio and and video tracks. You can select these using query parameters that are part of the udp:// URL inside of a .stream file. There are four options for selecting a stream:
  • programID: Select audio and video track by program ID
  • audioLanguage: Select an individual audio track by language using 3 letter language code such as eng (English), fre (French) and spa (Spanish)
  • audioPID: Select an individual audio track by PID ID
  • videoPID: Select an individual video track by PID ID

For example, to select programID 0x1234:
To select programID 0x1234 and the French audio track:
To select audio PID 0x456 and video PID 0x567:
Note: If both audioPID and audioLanguage are specified audioPID will be enforced and audioLanguage will be ignored.

Note: Program IDs and PID IDs can be specified in hexidecimal if preceded by 0x or decimal without a prefix.

Note: If a stream is selected by programID and the video or audio PID ids change mid-stream the new PID values in the most recent program table will be used.

Note: Here is a table of language codes:

ISO-693 Language Codes