Set up an application for RTSP/RTP streaming with Wowza Streaming Engine

There are several RTSP/RTP settings that describe the IP addresses assigned to Wowza Streaming Engine™ media server software. These IP addresses are used during RTSP/RTP Session Description Protocol (SDP) exchange and transport negotiation.

  • <RTP>/<RTSPBindIpAddress> - IP address that Wowza Streaming Engine binds to when streaming RTP over UDP.
  • <RTP>/<RTSPConnectionIpAddress> - IP address published in the connection (c=) line of Session Description Protocol (SDP) data.
  • <RTP>/<RTSPOriginIpAddress> - IP address published in the origin (o=) line of SDP data.

If Wowza Streaming Engine is behind a router or firewall that uses network address translation (NAT), two IP addresses are used during configuration: [wowza-internal-ip-address] and [wowza-external-ip-address]. The [wowza-internal-ip-address] is the IP address assigned to the Wowza Streaming Engine server's network adapter. The [wowza-external-ip-address] is the router or firewall exposed on the Internet or mapped to Wowza Streaming Engine. In this scenario, the settings above should be set as follows:

  • <RTP>/<RTSPBindIpAddress> - [wowza-internal-ip-address]
  • <RTP>/<RTSPConnectionIpAddress> - [wowza-external-ip-address]
  • <RTP>/<RTSPOriginIpAddress> - [wowza-external-ip-address]

For example, if the internal address is and the external address is, the settings should be set to:


If Wowza Streaming Engine is directly accessible on the Internet, then all three values should be set to the server's IP address, [wowza-internal-ip-address]:


To configure the settings, open the [install-dir]/conf/[application-name]/Application.xml file in a text editor and set the values in the <RTP> section of the file using the above guidelines. Then restart Wowza Streaming Engine to apply the changes.

  • The values assigned to these settings vary depending on your network configuration.
  • These settings can't be configured in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager. You must edit the Application.xml file.
  • We provide a mobile test stream that you can use to test your configuration.
  • Wowza Streaming Engine running on Amazon EC2 automatically sets these values based on the internal and external IP address of the instance.