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Thread: Green defect when playback live streaming on IPAD/IPHONE

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    Default Green defect when playback live streaming on IPAD/IPHONE

    Dear Support team

    I just did live streaming last night, and I got the problem during streaming, by using IPAD, Iphone the output on the player (I used JW player) become green, my client cannot watch from their IPAD/IPhone at all. However, it seem work well during using flash and play on my desktop. Anything to do for wowza configuration. Please Help Me


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    Can you describe the stream settings?
    1: Video and Audio codec?
    2: Frame Rate
    3: Bitrate
    4: Keyframe interval(GOP length)

    For iOS devices, video should be H264, audio should be ACC. If mp3 then the settings should be 44100Hz, 128kbs.
    Profile should be set to "baseline". A GOP length of 2 seconds is recommended.

    You can look at this chart to see what frame size to use based on fps.

    You can also use the Wowza Transcoder to generate a multi-bitrate set of streams to support different playback clients:
    How to set up and run Wowza Transcoder AddOn for live streaming


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    Thank you, I got that my video and audio codec are H264 and acc respectively, frame rate is 25 fps and bit rate is 600 bps
    and the profile I set into Main before after I change to base line the green defect has gone.

    Many Thanks

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    Great! thanks for the update and glad to be of some help.


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