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Thread: Rtsp woes with android phones via TuneIn

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    Default Rtsp woes with android phones via TuneIn

    Hi Wowza forum.

    I very much need your help.

    English is not my first language. Sorry for wrong words.

    My problem:

    I am experiencing choppy audio playback of our 192/44.1 AAC stream on an HTC One X using the TuneIn app.

    The audio only stream comes from a Flash Live Media Encoder - with the main concept encoder - and goes out via the Wowza server at Qbrick/Arkena.

    Their Wowza server outputs 4 streams: 1 flash rtmp stream, 2 streams for iOS devices iPad/iPhone using http://hls... and finally my troubled rtsp stream.

    The flash and hls streams works perfectly...

    Rtsp, sadly not so much.

    Here is what I am doing:

    TuneIn points to this file for our Android users:

    Can anyone help me understand why this stream is not working correctly.
    More than once a minute the stream skips a beat.

    I recently learned that newer Android phones supported HLS. So, I added our HLS stream: to TuneIn as a custom URL. Sadly, I am getting the same skips in the audio - in that stream also.

    Strange, since ios.pls plays perfectly on iOS devices.

    Please advice. I am all out of ideas.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,

    Atle - Radio Kristiansund

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    Hi there, please see the following articles to help set up an application for RTSP streaming:
    How to set up an application for RTSP/RTP streaming

    This guide will help troubleshoot RTSP playback:
    How to troubleshoot RTSP/RTP playback

    Wowza has the option to packetize audio in to .ts (transport stream) chunks instead of .aac (or .mp3), this may improve your success rate with Android clients.


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    Thank you, Salvadore.

    I will investigate further.

    Right now I have changed both pls files and inserted mms streams while I figure out what do to.

    I will let you know when I find a solution.

    Best regards,


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