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Thread: CentOS 6 upgrade w/WOwza 3.52

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    Default CentOS 6 upgrade w/WOwza 3.52

    Hi all -

    have been running WMS since vers 2 very successfully and am looking at upgrading my Linux box to CentOS 6.

    Anything I need to look out for? Or to tell the team (our server is co-located/managed, but they have limited WMS experience) that is handling the upgrade?

    Any suggestions highly appreciated.

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    Hi Kelly,

    I would suggest that you take this opportunity to upgrade to Wowza Streaming Engine 4.x as part of your overall upgrade process. Take a look at these resoruces for more information:

    Reasons to Upgrade
    Upgrade Guide
    Quick Start Guide

    The implementation on CentOS is fairly standard. I don't expect you will experience any issue, specifically. We're always here to assist.


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    Hi Tim -

    Thanks for the quick response. Is there anything I need to tell my sys admin? I no longer have a wowza expert on hand so if anything goes wrong, it will take down my entire business model.
    Has anyone done an OS upgrade and can tell me about possible issues to look out for or best practices?

    At this time I plan to wait before upgrading. The last upgrade I did to 3.6 was extremely buggy and I was forced to rollback, so I will wait until vers 4 has been out longer, thanks.

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