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Thread: troubleshooting playback issues

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    Default troubleshooting playback issues

    Hello Wowza team,

    We are providing both live and vod streams to clients (mobile-rtsp, mobile-hls, and flash clients).
    Sometimes we get reports that the player did not play the stream (either vod or live).
    We are now trying to find out if it is possible to troubleshoot or at least log these events using a Wowza module.
    Is there any callbacks we can use for such a requirement?

    Best regards.

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    Hello there,
    If you look in your [install-dir]/logs directory you'll notice the _access.log and _error.log files. They should contain play and stop events along with any corresponding errors that occur.

    As well, is the /conf/ file, where you can modify or create new logging Appenders. A simple approach is to make sure you collect the data you need to look back case by case. A log row with x-event "destroy" for a c-client-id has cumulative totals: sc-bytes (server to client bytes, for playback clients), cs-bytes (client to server bytes, for publishing clients) and x-duration. It looks like you already have a way of associating users with client-id.

    I hope this information is of some use to you.


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