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Thread: Can't connect to WSE Manager on port 8088

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    Default Can't connect to WSE Manager on port 8088

    I'm using an EC2 instance (Bring your own license) version for WOWZA. The problem is that the WSE Manager on port 8088 shows an unable to connect error in the browser. I've checked that both WSE and the Manager services are up and running. I've also checked the logs folder and there's no error file created. I've also turned off iptables to check for connection issues, but the issue still persists. The port 1935 is accessible and shows the following: "Wowza Streaming Engine 4 for Amazon EC2 4.0.4 build11775".

    Would really appreciate some pointers on where to proceed. I've looked through this entire forum for people who've been facing similar issues, but nothing has worked.


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    Hello there,
    First, try adding your IP address to the whitelist settings using these instructions from the Quick Start Guide.

    Functionally, Wowza Streaming Engine Manager (WSEM) operates in parallel with Wowza Streaming Engine (WSE). It looks like WSE is starting without the WSEM. Try a specific startup sequence to see if that helps the situation. Please refer to these instructions for specifics on how to (1) start Wowza Streaming Engine and then (2) Wowza Streaming Engine Manager.

    - How to start/stop WSE
    - How to start/stop WSE Manager

    1. Using the instructions from the QuickStart Guide, try manually starting Wowza as a service.
    2. Confirm that Wowza Streaming Engine is running by testing this URL, in a web browser, which should return some version information:


    3. Start Wowza Streaming Engine Manager
    4. Access Wowza Stream Manager using this URL and attempt to login:


    If these issues persist, please create a support ticket by sending an email to Please include a reference to this post and attach the following as a .zip (or other archive):


    Please keep us posted.


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