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Thread: Stream RTP from hardware coder to wowza

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    Question Stream RTP from hardware coder to wowza


    I have a hardware coder Teleview (COD-2xHDSDI-MP4/2).
    It has HD-SDI input and this parameters of output stream:
    Video: MPEG4, MPEG-4 Part 10 (AVC),
    Profile: Main Profile , High Profile .
    Level 1.2-4.2
    Audio: MPEG1 Layer 2.
    Bitrates up to: 15Mb/ps.
    IP output: UDP, RTP, RTP+.
    Ethernet: 100 Mbit/s.

    This coder can't push stream to server.
    To get stream from coder we need to connect with URL (rtp://ip-address:1234).

    Can wowza server take stream with RTP protocol from such hardware coder? Do you have complete decision for RTP streams?

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    You can checkout our guide on connecting to RTP based encoder and start from there.

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    thank you
    but if encoder can only push native rtp to server, can I setting up wowza for such encoder?
    In encoder settings I can only enter IP and port of the server.
    Encoder can push UDP stream too.

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    Hi there, did you follow the guide Matt linked to?

    Are you having an issue getting it working after following the guide?



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