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Thread: I am using previous version of Wowza

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    Default I am using previous version of Wowza


    I am using previous version of Wowza which is Wowza Media Server 3 Perpetual Edition 3.6.3 build8031.

    Since, I was not involved in the project from the first place and the person in charge has left out company,

    I am kind of having trouble using this system.

    I am running wowza on linux ubuntu server and it seems like it has streamengine. unlike i can see in the tutorial,

    How do i add live application in this case? since most of tutorial is based on the visiual menu of Wowza Engine, which I don't seem to have one.

    Is it possible to just install engine only?

    At the moment, I have my client ready to send data stream,

    is there any page that i can get help with?

    Thank you
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