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Thread: Receiving an already-encrypted stream?

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    Question Receiving an already-encrypted stream?


    I'm currently using Wowza to receive a stream from another server in the network as an RTMP stream, and publish said stream to mobile devices (Android and iOS using HLS and RTSP), which works as desired. I'd now like to add some security to the stream; by adding AES encryption to the stream. However, I'd like to encrypt it at the source, meaning that it would already be encrypted by the time it reaches the Wowza server. I would then want Wowza to publish the stream also encrypted, so that the mobile devices' players could decrypt it and play it back.

    Is this something that's supported by the Wowza server? I've read these articles:

    And they don't make it clear if what they describe are methods to encrypt a stream as it arrives, or if they can be used so that the stream may already arrive encrypted. It also worries me that only HLS seems to be supported.

    In the event that what I described is not a supported scenario, I'd appreciate any suggestions for alternatives to the scenario I described that may provide an equal or similar degree of security from one end of the stream pipeline to the other. Also, I apologize in advance if I'm not posting this in the right section of the forum.

    Thanks in advance, and regards.

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    You can use the Wowza StreamLock™ AddOn which is a security option for network encryption from Wowza. Please take a look at the "How to get SSL certificates from the StreamLock service" forum article for more information on how to configure and use Wowza with the StreamLock SSL certificates.


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