I have an server client application. Server is Java application and client is an android client. I am streaming data using RTSP. I am using the Live555 server for streaming. I can see some constant 2-3 seconds of delay between server and client. When used gives some input by touch, its effect can be seen at server instantly but it takes 2-3 second for the effect to be visible on client. I have used VideoView Widget of Android to play the stream

To make sure I am not using Live555 server in a wrong way, I used live555MediaServer.exe to stream data and vlc client on my android tab. I also used vlc server top stream data and vlc client on android. Still there is some lag of 2 seconds.

Now we are planning to shift to Wowza server but I have some basic doubts about RTSP Streaming

PS: I have very good network bandwidth

So I have 2 questions

Is RTSP meant to be used for interactive application where user given some event as input or its meant to stream videos, CCTV camera feeds where 2-3 seconds delay does not hurt ?
If RTSP can be used for interactive applications, is Wowza implementation good enough for that ? I need an delay of <500ms .
Is RTSP supposed to have some minimum possible delay ?