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Thread: Multiple IP Cameras to Wowza server in the cloud

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    Default Multiple IP Cameras to Wowza server in the cloud

    I have a business requirement where i want to stream 4 IP Cameras through .NET web server application in amazon cloud. Currently i use router with port forwarding feature to access the IP cameras. Currently the streaming gets blocked due to different port number at the receiver end. Can i avoid port forwarding by using wowza media server. Can Wowza media server can help me to broadcast 4 video streams with the different url with same port number (80) ?
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    I guess this shouldn't be a problem, just use multiple .stream files.

    The only thing is, what does your problem have to do with "Wowza server in the cloud"?

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    You can use the Wowza Streaming Engine in the same internal network as your IP cameras and use a different .stream file for each IP camera as Nuramon suggested.
    However, you sill still need to port forward the Wowza streaming access port from the router to your Wowza internal IP address, so that people connecting to your IP camera streams would be able to access the Wowza server.
    For example, if you port-forward the 1935 TCP port from your router to your Wowza server internal IP, then your streaming clients will access the following playback URL (example for RTSP streaming)

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