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Thread: How to block multiple access from one IP to a Stream at a time??

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    Default How to block multiple requests from same IP to a Stream at a time??

    We want that one user may access our stream once at a time. That means, he might not access our stream from many VLC playes instances at a time! So, We need to block multiple access from one IP adreess! How can We make the restriction in server?? is there any configuration to do in server to make it happen??

    We used Hash generated security token to make unique url for every user session. But in the specific session time, user can access the url as much as he wants from many vlc player instances!! How to restrict it then??
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    Within Outbound Security within the Wowza application you can add a single IP address to "Only allow playback from the following IP addresses", which will restrict viewing to that single IP address. Unfortunately this will not stop multiple devices with the same IP address from accessing the stream, though having multiple devices with the same IP address within the same subnet is likely to cause issues at the network level anyway. You may wish to look at more advanced security access such as Secure Token or user authentication if that's applicable to your situation. You can read about available security options here.

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    A module may be written to achive this goal.
    You can do it yourself using this and this or hire some consultant

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