Hi, sorry if this has been covered, I've searched the forums and could not find a direct answer to my question.

We currently have a live application that can record up to 8 RTMP streams at once, and using the "Record All Incoming Streams" function via the Application Setup page.
All is working well, however, when the file is output, it doesn't have the naming convention of a file that's recorded by manually pressing the record button on the "incoming streams" page.

The naming convention it gives us is "(streamname.mp4) any versions just have an appended number at the end ie; (streamname_0.mp4) etc.

We'd like it to at least provide the same naming convention as a manually recorded file - (streamname_2015_04_17-
or (2015_04_17_12.16.36-PDT_streamname.mp4)

Is this expected behavior from using "Record all incoming streams" from the App setup page?
Any workarounds?

Thanks in advance!