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Thread: iOS not displaying Poster image for audio-only rendition

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    Default iOS not displaying Poster image for audio-only rendition

    Hi All,
    I've followed the instructions here to generate an App Store compliant audio-only stream for my live video feeds:

    I have also used the "attach picture" modules to inject a poster image as an ID3 tag for the audio-only rendition, as described here:

    I confirmed that:
    • audio stream is created
    • image is loaded properly from disk
    • ID3 tag is present in the stream (readable on iOS)

    However, when the MPMoviePlayer switches between video & audio streams, the image is not displayed. The last played frame of the video feed remains on the screen rather than the poster image.
    When I load the audio-only feed directly (by appending '?wowzaaudioonly' to the end of the m3u8 URL) the image DOES display.

    So, I do not believe this to be a Wowza issue, but I am hoping someone here has encountered the issue and may be able to provide direction.

    Thanks in advance!

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    As you mentioned, this does not sound like a Wowza issue.

    It sounds like you need to update the player view when the stream switches. Check out the MPMoviePlayerController API
    You can send a notification to the player
    When the load state for network-based movies changes
    and update the view accordingly.

    I hope this helps.


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