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Thread: Get the details about "Streamname with respective IP address" using HTTP Providers

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    Default Get details of "Connected Streamname with respective IP address" using HTTP Providers

    Can someone plz tell me, how do I correlate the stream name with respect to particular IP address ?.

    Since, Serverinfo URL [http://ip:8086/serverinfo] doesn't show the stream name, but shows client IP address. At the same time, connectioncounts URL [http://ip:8086/connectioncounts] doesn't show client IP address , but shows stream name.
    Here, I need to calculate how many stream is been accessed by/from particular source IP.

    Is there any option available to achieve it ?.
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    You can track users' streaming statistics by following this guide.


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    Quote Originally Posted by michelle_b View Post

    You can track users' streaming statistics by following this guide.

    I don't think this answers the original question and I am having the same problem. The link you provided shows how to track users that are watching videos. What the OP is asking, and what we also need to know, is how to find the IP Address for an incoming stream. Does anyone know how to do this?

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    If the player has requested an HTTP stream then the http://[wowza-ip]:8086/serverinfo provider will show the IP address of the client as well as the name of the stream within the HTTPSession node. For RTMP streams then the example given by Michelle will log client attempts to play a stream, including IP address of the client. More sophisticated reporting can be done with third party log parsers such as Sawmill.


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