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Thread: need help ( dvr streaming )

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    Default need help ( dvr streaming )

    please i need help
    i have Euronet Ahd Dvr 4 Channels
    i want to stream in wowza
    and i want to know the url format to stream in local network

    i need the url that i wiill put in stream file ? & income stream ?

    my dvr details
    ip :
    http : 8080
    mobile port : 6003
    media port : 6001

    user: Admin
    pass : 123456

    is this format is right because i try it but fail


    Best regards
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    nobody answer me

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    If that RTSP URL is for your source then yes you can create a stream file with that as the content and then connect to it in the usual way.

    I would test your RTSP URL using something like VLC on the same machine as Wowza first, just to validate that it is working OK.


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