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    Default Secure live stream

    Iím preparing a live stream. Access to live stream will be possible only by logging in after making a payment.
    Iíd like to protect the streaming so that the person who gets the page code (simply see the pageís source), couldnít copy and download the code with the serverís IP and the name of the stream. So I have some questions:
    - Is it possible that Wowza only allow to view/play livestream on a specific domain i.e. (so if someone copy the code on another page, he canít watch the stream)
    - I tried to use token, but I don't know how to secure it in the page code. In flash technology secret code canít be seen, but in HTML5 everyone can read it and use on another page.

    Is tehere any way to protect live stream?

    Thank you


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    I would recommend reading Wowza Security Overview

    Secure Token Setup

    If you want to use Username and Password Setup


    Jason Tuchler
    Wowza Media Systems

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