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Adaptive Bit Rate And Multi Bit Rate Inquiry


This My First Time Learning On The Wowza Streaming Engine And Hope You Can Help Me on It, My Company Was Plan To Setup Using Sony SRG-300SE PTZ Streaming Camera And Sony PXW-FS5 Professional Video Camcorder Direct Stream To Data Center For The Real Estate Purpose. The Below Is My Question

  • 1.While The Camera Cannot Configure Frame Size And Same As Adobe Live Media Encoder, Can I Configure At Wowza Streaming Engine Direct
  • 2.They Is No Option Adaptive BitRate On The Camera, Can I Configure At Wowzw Streaming Engine To Gave The Best Quality To Customer

Hope Could Get Your Support On This

Hi Jeff,

  1. I’m not sure I understand your question for #1. Perhaps you are trying to set a specific resolution or frame rate and are unable, but that is not clear.
  2. It would be rare to find a camera that supports ABR directly. Typically you will ingest your source into a physical encoder over cable like SDI or HDMI and encode into multiple bitrates, or send it via IP to wowza which can do the transcoding.

I do a lot of work with the Real Estate market and online video and live streaming. I would need to understand more about your goals and desired workflow. I think we could help, but may end up advising on changes in your workflow. Feel free to email me at

Hi @Jeff Lau,

First of all, I would not recommend to use Adobe Media Live Encoder. It’s an outdated project with limited possibilities. The SRG-300SE is an IP camera with a wide range of possibilities for both resolutions and frame rates, and you can connect this camera directly to Wowza. A comprehensive guide is found here:

The PXW-FS5 cannot be connected directly, as it has only SDI or HDMI out. And thus you will need an encoder. This can be encoder software on a PC that has a graphics card with SDI or HDMI input (you may look into OBS Studio, or Telestream Wirecast), but since this is a professional camera with 4K, I would recommend to choose a Teradek or LiveU encoder. These manufacturers have some practical products, some of which even can be mounted on the back of a camera.

Keep in mind though that the maximum resolution for these encoder is 1080p; if you want to encode 4K, you will need other encoders (let me know, I can probably find a few, or you can ask

With your PXW-FS5 connected to an encoder, you can push the stream to Wowza e.g. over RTMP.

Now that you have the streams from the cameras in Wowza, you can decide what you want to do. You can decide to resize the resolution and / or framerate of the stream, and also create ABR

Resizing the picture, changing the bitrate, framerate, etc. as well as creating an ABR (that is: creating multiple-streams of the same source, but with different bitrates so that the customer can watch the stream smooth even in various network conditions)

All that processing is done via the Wowza Transcoder. Please remember that transcoding is a resource-intensive process. I recommend to either have very powerful CPUs, or rather to look into GPUs, like Intel QuickSync or NVidia Quadro. If you decide to use e.g. Amazon Web Services EC2 servers, check the G3, P2 or P3 types.

Once the stream is transcoded, and the output is available as an ABR, you can distribute it over a CDN, or let the viewers connect directly to the server (which is feasible if you’ve only a few viewers, but generally not recommended in case of a larger viewer base - and sometimes also discouraged for security reasons)

If you need any help; we’re a consultancy firm with 8+ years of experience with Wowza and 20+ years of experience with Streaming solutions. Please send an RFP to

As I keep asking Looking For Solution Like Teradek Support and Some Forum Told me that Wowza Able To Do All. They Told Me Refer and It that will be had a lot of delay when the visitor visit the website


I Plan using Sony SRG-300SE PTZ Streaming Camera(RTTSP) and PXW-FS5 Professional Video Camcorder(UDP) Point To Wowza Cloud And Broadcasting to our application server located at Datacenter iand to ClodFlare CDN for broadcasting.

For Wowza Cloud, Below is how my application. May you gave some comment

Adaptive BitRate And Multiple Lower-Bitrate Rendition Is Control By SMIL Files(

RTSP To RTMP Conversion (

RTSP To RTMP Conversion(

M3U8 Conversion To CloudFlare (

Please correct me if I’m wrong please and is that will be have a big video delay on this setup