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Adaptive streaming players


I’ve got a couple questions regarding adaptive streaming. I’ve been reading that some players (like JW PLayer) offer some sort of “almost” adaptive streaming. However, if i understand correctly, in WMS’s case the intelligence is on the server side, not on the client’s side. The questions are the following:

  • Is this correct?, in that case, does Wowza measure the client’s bw?, or it expects the client to report if it looses packets?.

  • What player(s) do you suggest me to use to find out which ‘version’ of the stream WMS is sending out to the client?, i’ve already asked if there was any way to know that through the API or logs, and the answer was ‘no’.

    Thanks in advance!,



No, this is not correct this is done by the client in all these cases.


The Wowza role is to stream to the client what is requested by the client initially, and to switch to different bitrate versions as requested by the client.



Flash RTMP Dynamic, use JW Player

For JW Player Dynamic, also see

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iOS just use HTML5 video tag;

  <title>Cupertino Streaming</title>
<video controls src="http://[wowza-address]:1935/vod/smil:sample.smil/playlist.m3u8">

So, in that case, what’s WMS role there?, sorry i’m asking this, maybe it is quite obvious, but i’ve just started learning about adaptive streaming.

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Thank you for the quick response.

Could you recommend me any player that supports adaptive streaming?, i know Quicktime X does.