How to use Strobe Media Playback with a Wowza media server (RTMP, HDS)

Strobe Media Playback is a configurable live and on demand media player based on Adobe's Open Source Media Framework. The player is not hosted by Adobe, so to play content with Strobe Media Playback you must first install it in your web server and then place a small amount of HTML code on your webpage.

To use this player with a Wowza media server, follow these instructions:

First, set up an application for streaming by following one of these tutorials:
  Next, install and configure the player:
  1. Download the Strobe Media Playback zip file, install the player, and then view the StrobeMediaPlayback.html sample page to confirm the player was installed correctly. See Adobe's install instructions for more information.
    Note: When installing the player, copy and use files only in the for Flash Player 10.1 folder included with the Strobe Media Playback zip file to allow for Adobe HDS support.
  2. Click Player Setup at the bottom of the sample page or open setup.html in your Strobe Media Playback folder to use the Strobe.swf Setup page to create your player embed code.
  3. Make the following configuration changes:
    1. In the Flash Vars section, change src to the full RTMP URL of the stream you want to play. For example, to play the sample.mp4 video on demand (VOD) file:
      For live:
    2. Keep Stream Type at LiveOrRecorded (default) for either VOD or live streams. You don't have to change the Stream Type to live if playing a live stream or recorded if playing a VOD stream.
    3. In the Advanced Parameters section, change optimizeBuffering to false. Change initialBufferTime to a value between 2 and 5 seconds.
    4. Further customize the player by using settings detailed in Adobe's Configuring the Player article.
  4. Click Preview and Update to test the stream and generate your HTML embed code, and then copy the preview code into your webpage. 
  • If you use stream names with path elements, the application instance name must be included in the RTMP URL. See How to format Adobe Flash RTMP URLs for details.
  • This player can also play Adobe HDS (San Jose) streams. In this case, use a URL that matches the following format:

Originally Published: 10-01-2010.
Updated: For Wowza Streaming Engine on 01-15-2015.

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