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Add Audio Track -- stream names possible to change?

Hi all,

Has anyone used ModuleAddAudioTrack enough to know whether you can adapt it so that the default stream name in is the one that has the audio track added, for broadcast out? I.e., if I send in MyStreamName, I want the players on the site to point to MyStreamName, not to MyStreamName-audiodestin as the default settings indicate. Is there a way to change this? If I turn off the audio feature, I don’t want it to break all the player calls, which is what will happen if it’s set up like this.



Hello Brian,

You can check out the source code here for the module to see if you can modify it to fit your workflow.

Looking at this logically, you cannot have two streams with the same name on the same application, but you should be able to do this with 2 applications. Just have a new application (call it live2). Push the mixed stream to the new application with Stream Target and call it MyStreamName.



Hi, Thanks, I’ll take a look. It sounds like we’ll probably have to change our setup somewhat, with a few choices about how exactly to do so.