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Alternative to StreamLock

It appears there is an alternative to Streamlock, however I haven’t been able able to use WebRTC streaming with my own SDP and self-signed SSL certificate yet. So my question us how exactly do I get to use WebRTC streaming with local SDP and self-signed SSL certificate.

Welcome to the commuinity @Stanislav_Popadynets.

Yes, as long as your certificate authority accepts using a localhost address this should be possible. Please review our article on how to request a self-signed certificate:

Then in your host file you’ll add your local address and domain name.

If you don’t mind me asking, why not use StreamLock that is free and is integrated already with all our documentation? Using your own is possible, we don’t encourage that for webrtc since it’s a bit more complicated to configure. Feel free to submit a ticket if you need an engineer to get your own SSL cert working with Engine.

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