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Announcing Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza Streaming Engine introduces a ton of enhancements to current features – making it the most reliable and secure version yet. As we continue to improve our software, it is also important to know that this release includes changes that were necessary which may cause some limited functionality to break.

Before installing version, we recommend you read and understand the latest release notes to learn how your existing workflows could be impacted as you plan to take advantage of the enhancements in this release.

What’s Improved

  • Security Updates: Wowza made a lot of updates to improve your security running Wowza Streaming Engine Manager and Wowza Streaming Engine Server. We’ve fixed security issues related to how passwords are stored in the admin.password file. You now have the option to encode passwords using bcrypt or digest and hash functions. We’ve also added a command-line tool that enables you to manage users. Finally, security improvements also include updating permissions on several directories with the Linux installer and updating several libraries, such as the Restlet framework library.
  • LL-HLS Enhancements: Wowza continues to enhance the use of this standards-based approach in low latency solutions through fixes and updates that improve performance and increase reliability with specification compliance.
  • Load Performance: Improved delivery load performance for HTTPS from Wowza Streaming Engine via more native implementation in the JVM. See up to double performance for load delivery. Enable insertConscryptCryptoProvider to use.
  • Logging: Wowza has upgraded its logging library log4j2. This version will provide better performance and increased functionality as well as compliance with log4j2 features such as per class logging, throttling, output management, and more.
  • NVENC9: Wowza supports higher quality transcoding workflows when using an NVidia Turing or newer architecture. Wowza transcoder supports the NVidia 440.xx driver but does not yet support 450.xx.
  • Media Cache Improvements: Wowza has made several updates to better support the use of Amazon S3 with the need for increased scalability of video-on-demand (VOD) streaming.
  • Read the full list of changes since the last release here.

Download 4.8.8 .01

To get started, download an installer or the updater from the “My Downloads” tab after you log into your Wowza Account, or download an installer from the Downloads page.

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