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ATTENTION: Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.0 is Now Live!

Wowza Streaming Engine 4.8.0 contains several fixes and enhancements that help to improve the functionality of the media server software.

New in 4.8.0:

  • All the enhancements from beta build, including fixes for DASH memory leaks, security enhancements, and enhancements to LL-HLS

  • Full support for h.265 / HEVC including NVIDIA decoding and editing encoding profiles in Wowza Streaming Engine Manager

  • Transcoding improvements including updates to the NVIDIA transcoder decoding pipeline to fix stream corruption issues and updating the libvpx library to version 1.8.1 to improve VP8 and VP9 transcoding

  • Added support for SSL Mediacaster connections

  • Enhancements to WebRTC session timeouts
    New Features since our last major version release 4.7.0

  • Use WebRTC for end-to-end real-time streaming or simple browser-based encoding for source acquisition.

  • Ingest SRT sources and use a generic stream target for point-to-point stream publishing.

  • Support for CMAF to enable efficient streaming with HLS and DASH protocols.

Download 4.8.0

To get started, download the updater from the “My Downloads” tab after you log into your Wowza Account or download the installer from the Downloads page.

Full 4.8.0 release notes can be found here: