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Binding to wowza engine manager to localhost only

My issue is about binding to wowza engine manager to localhost (I would to set nginx proxy),
I tried to add at /usr/local/WowzaStreamingEngine/manager/bin/ something somwthing like --httpListenAddress=, but without results.
Documentations says nothing about my case, then how to do this?

Would you care to elaborate a little? What do you mean by binding to localhost here ?

I would setup wowza manager to listen at, then I can access it only from localhost.

Well I think that localhost binding is by default you need not do anything extra for it. Additionally even if your manager is on a public IP just don’t open the manager port for inbound from the internet through firewall rule. There is no article on limiting to localhost but there is an article on binding to specific port.

Sure, but I would to hide it from whole network and bind for localhost only and create nginx proxy pass for it.