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Cannot find livestreamrecord app at wowza streaming engine 4.8.20


I have an old server using wowza streaming engine 4.1.1. with a perpetual license.
On that server i am using the livestreamrecord app to schedule recordings.
I am using a url like this:

Today i setup a new server with wowza streaming engine 4.8.20 but the livestreamrecord app seem to be missing. I added the appropiate lines about the livestreamrecord listener on VHost.xml but did not help.

Is the livestreamrecord app retired???


Hello and welcome.

We’ve updated it for sure to make it easier and the module you can use is in this doc, just scroll down in the article to the StreamRecorder properties. It will give you some links to the correct info for your use case.

Since yesterday i amd searching the forum and the documentation of wowza server for information about the livestreamrecord app. I did not found any info about the deprecation of this app.

From your answer i assume that the app has been discontinued.

The link that you wrote, it not very helpful.
The engine manager interface is the standard tool to enable recording, but you can schedule recordings with that.
In the above link, there is some info about a programming API but i think that the information is very limited.
I also read the info about the com.wowza.wms.livestreamrecord.manager section of the api, but i cannot understand how this info is usable. I could not even find any examples of how to use this.

Problem solved.

After alot of digging i found this page in yours documentation: /docs/stream-recording-query-examples.

I manage to create two shell scripts (which use REST API with curl), one to start the recording and one to stop them.
So with crontab i can still schedule recordings.

Ok I appreciate the update and will mark your answer as the solution. The suggestion I provided to you was given to me by tech support, so I’ll pass it on it wasn’t very helpful and you had to find the solution on your own. We will take note of that so thank you for the feedback.


Let me go ahead and share this doc too then as this is one you referenced that provided the information you needed:

Acknowledged. Thank you.