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Closed Captions doesnt work for android with jw player

hi. ive created a module where i insert captions and cue points . client side i use jw player embeded in HTML 5 page . im able to retrieve caption and meta data using rtmp stream. but for mobile devices i cannot find meta data or captions.

how can i send data along with the stream for mobile devices . also how can i retrieve meta data on client side for android and IOS.


You also need to add the following module to your Application:

In the [install-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml file, make the following additional modifications:

Add the following module to the end of the container:


This will add CEA-608 captions so that iOS, and similar devices can display them.

This article describes how to enabled WebVTT captions for live streaming, which will

also display on iOS 6.0, and greater, devices

Android support for live captions is still limited, but as of 4.4 WebVTT is supposed to be supported, so the above may have a chance of working for Android as well.


For html5 vod captions you can use a sidecar file such as the webvtt option for the captions. Each browser supports different caption types, but most if not all support webvtt. This is not supported for live at present.



The captions for HLS streams are provided in the H264 SEI messages. These cannot be access in the way that onTextData can in RTMP streams.



There is further information available from JW Player here.

But I don’t think they can be accessed for extraction. You may want to post / check there.



This is being handled in ticket #128973.


i can see the captions in iOS using the native player . also i can see captions using VLC .

but what i wants is as follows

  1. play HTTP stream in HTML 5. Retrieve captions live using any video player.

Can u tell me how can i change my PPT with sync (video) on mobile devices.

Thanks for your reply. one more issue . i can print my value of the caption in window.alert when i use rtmp streaming. But not with HLS . I want to print my caption value in window.alert in HLS streaming. Im using JW player. how can i do that …?

Is there any way to access them

Currently i’m able to inject captions in live HLS stream and see it on iOS. I want to get that caption out on client side using jw player or javascript or anything.

Or Can we send ontextdata in live HLS stream and fetch the same data on client side. How can we slide sync in using HLS stream.