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Corrupted MP4 long running stream recording


we’re testing a wowza streaming engine instance (v 4.8.9) on aws.

Today we tried to perform a long run stream with recording (7 hours stream).
We stopped the stream and then closed the recorder via API as usual.

Checking recorded file (5gb size) it appears not playable via a vod application we configured
neither via other players.

We already performed recordings of 3-4hours without problems.

Since we changed no configuration, which could be the cause?

Could be relevant to precise that recording destination is configured to be on an s3 bucket mounted on filesystem with s3fuse.

I attach relative logs of wowza streaming engine.

Thank you in advance


It happened again with now much smaller file <10minutes

Update 2 :
I forgot to state that we’re using ‘Developer license key’ + ‘Developer performance settings’

Sorry you ran into some issues @Simone_Marrone. Can you please tell me what version of Java you are using with Engine 4.8.9?

Engine version 4.7.8 and newer requires a minimum of Java 9 but will work with 9 -12. However, if you are using 8 or older, engine will not perform properly.

If you have configured a higher version than 9, you will need to point Engine to the version you are using. I see you are getting some java errors that could be related to that, but the only way for us to accurately diagnose the issue is through a support ticket where have full access to all your files and logs.

It may be another reason though, perhaps in the configuration or network so we can only debug this properly in a support ticket. Thanks.

Wowza Streaming Engine version 4.7.8 and later requires OpenJDK Java SE JRE 9.0.4 at a minimum, but supports up to Java version 12. Earlier versions of Java aren’t supported. Previous versions of Wowza Streaming Engine (version 4.7.7) required Java 8.

Thanks for reply,

i confirm that we were using an old version of java 8
We now updated to java 11 and we will monitor situation.

I will update in case the problem persists.

Thank you

Ok that’s good to know. I just want to make sure you remember to point Engine to Java 11.

Instruct Wowza Streaming Engine to use a specific version of Java

If you did that already, I apologize, just making sure. Hope that fixes things for you and yes please let me know.

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Hi Rose,

We monitored the situation and unfortunally I have to inform you that the problem persists.

In particular, apparently randomly we experience I/O errors while closing MP4 recordings, especially when running long streams.

Our configuration looks like this:

  • t3.medium EC2 instance (4gb Ram + 8gb root ssd + 30gb addition ssd)
    Running with Wowza Streaming engine Version 4.8.5 BYOL AMI image

  • Recordings are stored on an S3 bucket mounted on filesystem via s3fs

In previous messages I stated that we were using an old version of Java 8, actually this is not true since Wowza AMI comes directly with Java 9 installed by default.

I can also precise that i performed an update from 4.8.5 --> 4.8.9 manually, following your update guides.

Could this error be something related to s3fs?
As I could see, it seems the only way at the moment to store recordings on S3 .

We’re supporting our customer which already has an active production license key, so we can provide references if needed for support.

Thank you

This issue is now being handled in ticket 384374.

Jason Hilton
Technical Support Engineer
Wowza Media Systems