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Create m3u8 URL for multiple user

I successfully setup my Wowza server and successfully able to implement the live feature. I am also successfully play the live video by using JWPlayer which you guys suggest us. Now, i am facing problem in two things which are as follows:-

1:- I am only able to go live from one account as soon as i am live from one account and tried to go live from another account/another device it shows me error.Kindly let me know how can i implement the feature for multiple users live at same time.

2:- Can i get the live video on my device after users stops his live video.


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Are you using a trial license? If so, it has connectivity limitations until you purchase a full license. Can you also verify what you mean by “go live from another account”? Are you trying to stream multiple ingesting URLs, ingesting is working but playback on that one is not working? Or are you only ingesting 1 URL and playback on multiple devices are not working?

For post live event playback, here are some recording options you have to record the file and then have it available for VOD playback: