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creating a site similar to

Hi guys i am a newbie here and also to things related to media systems/servers . i plan on creating a site similar to tinychat , I would like to know if i can use wowza for this project ? if yes what are the necessary requirements for creating a site like tinychat using wowza . i would appreciate all suggestions . thanks

Yes, you can build an a/v chat system with Wowza using a Flash client. There is a simple example in the Wowza examples folder where Wowza is installed, and which you are free to use as starting place, though it is a very simple example with much to add for commercial chat.


There’s a ton of tutorials and examples to get you started. That’s what you have to do, just start reading using Wowza and look at the Flash examples.

There is a Flex 3.5 av chat for Wowza that takes it a little farther than the shipped example here:


I don’t have a direct link to that. It’s a bit of work. Most serious developers start digging into the source code of the examples.


hi richard thanks for your response . Please could you give a detailed yet simple explanation on how i could do use wowza for a project like this.

i can’t really find the link that has to do with creating a website / service like tinychat . I would really appreciate if you could give me a direct weblink on multi uisers video chat etc .

thats what i am trying to say, i can’t find any example or write up relating to what i want to do . i noticed you used the word “serious” in your reply above , its not that i am not a serious person , like i said i am a newbie and i would definitely need a little assistance and guidance , i hope that wouldn’t be too much to ask for .