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Does JW PLayer still support RTMPS?

I want to have RTMP secure as much as it possible, so I want to use RTMPS. I have configured port for RTMPS connection but I cannot receive this stream on JW Player. Does JW player still support RTMPS? because this instruction does not work for me:


Thanks for contacting the Wowza Community!

I would contact JW Support Directly. I cannot fine any info on this online.



I am asking about this also on the JWplayer forum

On your page there is information that rtmps is working for JWplayer 6.11

I have downloaded JW player 6.11 but rtmps still does not work form me. error.png

there is no any information in wowza logs that player tries to connect

I know that RTMPS is working because I can play it on VLC, and then logs appear log.txt

my player configuration it looks like this:

please check it out in your lab whether RTMPS is working on JW player.

thank you