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first rest api call

Good morning,
I’m trying to use the rest api to get information about my streaming application. but any call I make, the result is always the same:
Id = 27,
Status = WaitingForActivation,
Method = “{null}”,
Result = “{Non ancora calcolato}”

Maybe there is some setting to set?
I am using the trial version

Thanks in advance

Hello @Davide_Rendina, I can share some resources with examples that may help you out. This is how you query the Engine to get stream data:

curl -X GET \
-H 'Accept:application/json; charset=utf-8' \
-H 'Content-Type:application/json; charset=utf-8' \

We have this video tutorial as well to get you familiar with making REST API calls.

Thanks for the reply.
I use curl for windows, do you have to use a different syntax?
Also, if I were to call the API from a remote server and not from localhost, can I refer to some examples?
thank you,
good day

I managed to make the call via cUrl but got this message:
{“message”:“Your IP address (myIp) has been blocked”,“wowzaServer”:“4.8.11+5”,“success”:false,“code”:“403”}
I have already tried to put my IP in the whiteList in the server.xml file but I get the same result


Found that using the search function of the Wowza documentation:

You can specify that multiple IP addresses be allowed to connect by entering them as a comma-separated list and/or by using the wildcard (*) character

Perfect through cUrl now I can use the API.
Is there any documentation regarding the use of the REST API through an Asp.Net application? in the forum I found a link but the page no longer exists.
Thank you

We do not have an client. It is up to the user to generate a client library as the referenced Wowza page suggests.

There is discussion around this on Stack Overflow site though, so you may want to look a bit through there to find examples.