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Frame rate drop

I am doing live streaming with some streams having a fps of 60. The 60fps streams dont look very stream on the flash client. Are there any wowza settings that I should tweak for high fps streams? I saw some posts about changing “flushInterval”. What should I set it to? And are there other wowza settings that might give me better performance?




Not sure what more you can do. It is probably a high bitrate video, right?

If possible, I would reduce to 30fps or 24fps which are considered high enough, and in any case there is no guarantee that Flash is going to display 60fps, because Flash and Wowza are likely to drop frames when the video bitrate is too high.


Both of these settings are for super low latency streaming. The defaults are fine for regular latency streaming.


I don’t think that is supported at present.


I doubt RTSP protocol is the factor, or framerate. What player? Have you tried RTSP in VLC? I don’t think the transcoder is doubling frame rate, as far as I know it is not changing frame rate at all.


The A130 is an older model Amino. We have a special guide for that here:

If QT Mac is a problem, don’t use it. There are many other options for streaming to Mac desktop.


Thanks Richard. I’ll try transcoding to a lower fps and see how that goes.


What would be a good setting for “flushInterval” for a 60fps stream? Also, what about “onFlushNotifyClients”? Should I set that to true for high fps streams?


How can I change the frame rate on transcode.xml?

The problem is that the source input has 29.97fps and de output has 60fps. When a play using RTSP protocol the video blockling flequently. However, when a play using HLS this issue doen not apear. What can I do to solve this?

I saw fps in VLC. The video blocking issue happens on quicktime player (MAC) and in the amino STB A130.