How to use Amino A130 and A125 with Wowza Media Server

This article describes how to stream from a Wowza media server to Amino set-top boxes (STBs). These instructions were tested using Amino A130 and A125 set-top boxes and should work with most Amino set-top box models. You should start with a basic configuration and build on your success.

Note: Wowza Media Server™ 2.2.4 or later is required.


  1. Download and install Wowza media server software.
    Note: I updated my Amino set-top box to build A130-0.16.7-opera-gogi. This took a bit of work and I'm not sure that it's required.
  2. Install the Amino STBremoteconf tool. (See STBRemoteconf & Mood Control in the Amino Knowledge Base for details.) This tool enables an easy way to send remote commands to the Amino set-top box. I verified that the tool was installed properly by using the GETVERSION command to get the current set-top box version.
  3. Using your favorite encoder, send an H.264/AAC stream to the Wowza media server. For this example, we'll assume that the stream name is myStream and the RTSP URL to reach the stream is:
    Where [wowza-ip-address] is the Wowza media server IP address.

    See How to set up live streaming using an RTSP/RTP-based encoder for detailed instructions. To be sure that you have all of the correct TCP and UDP ports open, you may want to use the VideoLAN VLC player to test RTSP/RTP output before you try to stream to the Amino set-top box.
Note: For the A125 set-top box, I added the following properties to the RTP/Properties section of [install-dir]/conf/[application]/Application.xml:

Streaming Using RTSP/RTP

I used the STBremoteconf tool to send the CHANGEPAGE command to the set-top box and set the page URL to:
You can try the following test URL:

Streaming Using MPEG-TS direct

  1. Install Push Publishing AddOn.
  2. For multicast, I configured a stream with the following settings in Push Publishing AddOn:
    • profile: mpegts
    • streamName: myStream
    • host:
    • port: 11111
    • rtpWrap: false
  3. To play the stream, use the STBremoteconf tool to send the CHANGEPAGE command and set the page URL to:
    Note: This will also work for unicast. Set the host setting to the Amino set-top box IP address ([amino-ip-address]) and use the CHANGEPAGE URL:
  • When behind NAT (network address translation), RTP NAT traversal doesn't work. Configure your router to send all UDP ports to the Amino set-top box IP address.
  • The Amino A12x models have a very small playback buffer, which can make it difficult to maintain a glitch-free stream.

Originally Published: 10-01-2010.

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