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Get a list of all VOD files


I’m trying to get a list of all available VOD files from a Wowza Streaming Engine installation (i.e everything in /content), but I can’t see a method to do this using your API. It seems that there are very few API VOD operations in general - why is this?

I’ve also attempted to do this via a custom java module. I’m able to list all files in the content folder (via applicationInstance.getStreamStorageDir()), but is there a better way to do this?


You can get a list of active recorders using the get verb and recorder endpoint. This guide will walk you through it:

Stream recording query examples for the Wowza Streaming Engine REST API

This will only return active recorders any previously recorded will have to be obtained via http provider or this module:

How to get a list of files in your application’s content location (ModuleVideoNameList)




There is not a call to check the contents of a directory on your instance, this is more of a server level function, and you may be able to retrieve this through a server level call.

Wowza Streaming Engine does not handle the function of indexing a directory, which is why the module you have mentioned is ideal for your desired outcome:

Is there any reason that this module will not provide what you need for your workflow?


Jason Hatchett

Hi salvadore,

Thanks for the quick response.

What is the relationship between a VOD file and an “active recorder”? We’re simply hoping to add video files (probably in MP4 format) into the /content directory (either through the Wowza API or directly through the file system), so we aren’t explicitly creating any active recorders…

I’ve also had a look at the ModuleVideoNameList module and it seems that it does what I have already tried (getting a list of all files in the content directory from the file system).

Hi All, your code is for Flash, do you have some other code (java, javascript) that calls this function?

You can convert this example module so that you can call it with an HTTPProvider.