How to get a list of files in your application's content location (ModuleVideoNameList)

ModuleVideoNameList is an application module that will return a list of files that are currently available in an application's content folder. It can be called from a custom Flash client by using the function.

A compiled version of this module is included in the Wowza Module Collection.


To enable this module, add the following module definition to your application. See Configure modules for details.

Fully Qualified Class Name
ModuleVideoNameList List videos in content folder. com.wowza.wms.plugin.collection.module.ModuleVideoNameList

Flash Client Configuration

To call this from module from Flash, use the following AS3 version code. If you're using Flex, yoyou're e Bindable ArrayCollection with a ComboBox. In Flash CS, you can change the returned list format into an array."getVideoNames",new Responder(videoNamesHandler));

private var recordedStreamsDP = new ArrayCollection();

private function videoNamesHandler(results:Object):void
for( var item:String in results ) 
	var obj:ObjectProxy = new ObjectProxy(); // In Flex use ObjectProxy to populate Bindable ArrayCollection.
	obj.label = results[item];
	obj.value = item;

This following code should work in Flash AS3 or AS2:

var result:Object = new Object();
result.onResult = function(results:Object)
  for( var item:String in results )
}"getVideoNames", result);

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Updated: For Wowza Streaming Engine 4.0.6 on 08-11-2014.

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