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Hide Video controls on Wowza player javascript

Can i hide the control bar on wowza embedded player? i need to control the playback programmatically using the javascript api’s and not allow the user to control it.

Not sure about the Wowza embedded player, but I have managed this in JW player with both APIs and JS hacks. Note it won’t work for all devices as some use their own player (iOS etc), and it won’t work for mobile devices that don’t autoplay, as the user has to manually start it.

For that though you can trigger an event on start and then hide once the user has started it manually.

With the release of Wowza Player version 1.1.14, you can hide all elements of the UI or any one of them using configuration properties.

From the release notes: (

  • To hide or show elements in the player user interface, added new configuration properties, uiShowSeekBar, uiShowVolumeControl, uiShowPlaybackControls. You can now hide the entire player user interface or any element of the user interface with a full set of UI configuration properties, including existing properties uiShowQuickRewind, uiShowFullscreen, and uiShowBitrateSelector.

Add these properties to your embed code and set them to false to hide a specific UI element.