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HLS .m3u8 Live Stream on Chrome/FireFox

Does anyone have example code to embed in my website that will allow Chrome, FireFox etc. to play live HLS .m3u8 Live Streaming. I can only get it to work on Safari.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Don,
Thanks for reaching out via our forum.

When using an iOS device with Safari, the device will use the built-in player. If you want to provide streaming to other browsers and operating systems, you’ll need a player on your website.

We have a demo environment for Wowza Flowplayer that you can test if you want to purchase our player.

Alternatively, you can purchase or test alternative players.

Jason Hilton
Senior Technical Support Engineer
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Hi Jason,
I have a perpetual WowzaMediaServer 2.2.4 license and JWPlayer v5.

I am simply trying to find out if and what player supports wowza 2.2.4 hls so it will play in Chrome.

My stream does NOT play in any of the sample pages to test live .m3u8 including your flow player link to test.

My src=" http :confused: /ipaddress/live/test.sdp/playlist.m3u8"

However it does play fine in Safari and mac devices

I noticed most test players were using https:// (port 443 I believe) and my system was set up back in the day with http://

So I checked the ports wowza binds at startup following these prompts: cd /Library/WowzaMediaServer/bin
sudo ./ the binds are reported successful for 1935, 80, 5544, 8086 but I see no port 443.

INFO vhost vhost-start defaultVHost -
INFO server comment - defaultVHost threads[h/t]:120/80 home:/Library/WowzaMediaServer
INFO vhost comment defaultVHost Bind attempt (
INFO vhost comment defaultVHost Bind successful (

Question: Do I need to modify the ports wowza 2.2.4 binds to and include 443?

I have been testing with videojs player since there are several sample codes on the web but my wowza 2.2.4 stream is only recognized by safari and mac devices regardless of the sample codes that do play their sources and stop playing my source when I ad it to their code.

It seems today most web browsers want https:// and my system via cloudflare provides that from the end user to cloud flare so these browsers read it as https:// but they just spin and spin and will not play

I have only been testing on Mac Laptop OSX versions of Chrome, FireFox, Brave and those browsers recognize my site as secure but just spin and the only one that works is Safari which says the my site is not secure.

My server is using a self signed certificate. Don’t know if that matters but it seems to me there is a problem in the actual HLS wowza 2.2.4 is streaming out. Perhaps an adjustment?

Any help to steer me toward the missing puzzle piece would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Hi Don,
To rule out the SSL certificate, you may want to test using a StreamLock SSL certificate that we provide which can be downloaded for free. Please see the following article for more information about StreamLock.

Generally, a web page using HTTPS can’t reference a stream using HTTP. So, if the page where the player is located is accessed over SSL (using HTTPS) the playback URL within the player must also be HTTPS and configuring the Wowza software to use an SSL certificate will allow you to do that.

I don’t have a copy of the configuration files for WowzaMediaServer 2.2.4 to confirm but if memory serves, it isn’t too dissimilar to the VHost we have now but with fewer options/functionality. You’ll need to create a new HostPort in the [Wowza-Install]/conf/VHost.xml file using a text editor. I recommend that you copy an existing HostPort and then just change the port number used to 443 and add the SSL configuration in the SSLConfig container.

So, the KeyStorePath may contain something like: ${com.wowza.wms.ConfigHome}/conf/

And the KeyStorePassword would contain the password used when downloading the .jks file. Once the changes have been saved, you’ll need to restart the Wowza software for the changes to take effect.

After restarting, you’ll need to check the log file to see if it binds to the port and uses the SSL certificate.

Jason Hilton
Senior Technical Support Engineer
WOWZA | The solution you start with, the partner you scale with.

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Thank You…
I have a bit of confusion reading wowza docs and certificates…

-Running OSX 10.13.6 server 2 ip addresses

-1st and primary ip address is the actual server that has a URL ie (server dot com) and it has a self signed certificate created and updated to run other services like, vpn, email etc.
Wowza 2.2.4 is loaded to this primary server address and binds port 80 etc. so the built in web OSX server cannot be used.


-2nd ip address runs Mamp (web server) and a website (Play Video dot com) since Wowza is using port 80 on the 1st primary ip Address.
(developer of Mamp, should I want to use HTTPS on that website, can create or choose a certificate for each website mamp hosted on the secondary ip address of the same Server)

So my confusion is, does the certificate for wowza to do HTTPS want the website hosted by Mamp (Play Video dot com) associated to where the stream is playing from?
the main and primary server IP address wowza binds to and do I use the existing (server dot com) address to enter in for the certificate when applying for one from wowza?

  1. Question, can or shouldn’t I first test wowza 2.2.4 HTTPS functionality by using the existing self signed certificate of the primary server . com that VPN and other server services are using since wowza is locked to the ports on that primary IP ? Then going forward I would only have to maintain the one certificate? Also I do NOT want to knock off all of the working services if this is going to replace the main server certificate.

  2. Wowza docs seem to suggest that the main server ip address should have a URL like I have (server dot com) that the certificate is created around which is why I am asking, should I just refer to the (server dot com) certificate in the wowza vhost setup ?

  3. Is the idea of a certificate to verify 1 physical machine tied to 1 ip address owned by verified company?

  4. Would a Mamp website on the 2nd ip on that server need to refer to the primary certificate or it’s own company certificate if it was different from the base server? ie, can wowza, vpn, email and website(s) all use 1 certificate or are several needed?

I am testing my stream on https : / / hlsjs . video-dev . org / demo /
Since it gives more feedback
The Error I am getting is as follows-

Cannot load https : / / SSL . mycertificate . com : 443/ live / test.sdp / playlist.m3u8
HTTP response code:0
This might be a CORS issue, consider installing Allow-Control-Allow-Origin Chrome Extension

I found and added this to the HTTPStreamers.xml file located in the CONF directory
Under the

				<Value>Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *</Value>

But I still got the above Error…

Did I set up Access Control right or do I need something else

Thank you in advance