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how can i get Stream form Lan DVR to server wowza madia system

pls i want read Stream from DVR and i publish this stream across network to STB what’s DVR type i use and what the diffrent Between PCI DVR and DVR

pls help

thank you


First of all you will need to connect to the IP output stream provided by your DVR system. Usually, DVR systems are providing an RTSP output stream.

Please take a look at the following forum article describing How to re-stream video from an IP camera

Then, you will need to have your STB configured to connect to one of the streams provided by your Wowza server. Please take a look at the following forum articles describing different players and streaming protocols that can be used to connect to a Wowza server:


I have used Fastvdo Smartcapture to do this. And there are probably similar products.


i don’t have ip camera i want restream vedio from tv tuner or any input vedio