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How to connect to Wowza Streaming Engine Manager over HTTPS

I have installed wowza 4.7.5 on Windows 7.

I followed step by step instruction as described but https is not working?


httpsKeyStore=…/…/conf/5aa97865d**** httpsKeyStorePassword=[password]

This works https://5aa97865d****

This doesn’t work https://5aa97865d**

This doesn’t work rtmps://5aa97865d**


first idea. did you check your firewall for open ports?

can you give the url from the tutorial you followed?

You have to specify the absolute path to the keystore for the “httpsKeyStore” parameter

in the file [install-dir]/manager/conf/

This is the solution to the [install-dir]/manager/log/winstone.log error:

net.winstone.WinstoneException: No SSL key store found at …/…/conf/keystore.jks

I just discovered the same, specifying an absolute path to the keystore works - I assume the cwd when loading the file is different to where the files resides, it’s misleading that the default value for the httpsKeyStore is a relative path

> From [install-dir]/manager/conf/


I am using Windows 7. Can you please provide me with the correct [install-dir],

httpsKeyStore=C:/Program Files (x86)/Wowza Media Systems/Wowza Streaming Engine 4.7.5/conf/5e42b9d0*****

It is not working this way - https://5e42b9d0*****

Can you help.

Thanks in advance!