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How to generate a stream key in Wowza Streaming Engine

I need to generate the streamkey for my broadcaster, ca you send me an howto?

Hello @Marino Joram, I saw your ticket you submitted and that you are using OBS. There are a few quick selects for many of the popular encoders and cameras, but really you just need to know the host server, host port and application.

I know you are receiving some guidance in your ticket and yes for the stream key in OBS, you can create your own. The stream key can be any string of letters and numbers. The encoder will send the live stream using that stream key as the stream name and Wowza will publish it.

When playing back the live stream from your Wowza server, you will need to use that stream key as the “stream name”. As an example say you make your stream name “testStream”.

To access an Apple HLS stream from your Wowza server, the playback URL will have this format:

Here is a video Step-by-Step tutorial to walk you through the steps for sending a stream from OBS to Wowza streaming Engine and creating the stream name keys required in OBS.